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Wing Tsun book by Ralph Hänel
WingTsun-CoreConcepts Video Library


The blueprint for learning, training and teaching Wing Tsun Kung Fu.

Knockout Self-Defense Skills

Beyond tradition and technique - training concepts for Wing Tsun

(Wing Chun, Ving Tsun) students and instructors!

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Benefits; step by step training to generate:

- improvement of whole-body movement,

- non-stop coordination of hand and footwork,

- fluid seamless motion and an increased awareness of using all muscle groups in sequence from fingertips to toes,

- better judgement of distance, timing and balance while learning to use all seven 'engines'

- transformation of physical strength into usable functional strength, working ligaments, tendons, muscle-chains, fascia tissue

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Initially the most abstract, and eventually the most applicable is the idea of learning to move instead of learning moves. Ryan F

Sifu Ralph Haenel has the unique ability to motivate you to work hard, and at the same time make everyone feel comfortable with an open learning environment where you can ask questions, have fun and enjoy what you do.  Stuart M

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